NJ 9/11 Memorial Cove

Jonathan Dreyfous
Victoria A. Rospond
Lea H. Cloud
Sam Roberts II
Caryn Brause
Jeni Chan
Goetz Menzel
Adelina Castro
JC Calhoun
Jersey City, NJ
$1 million
Competition Stage II
Awarded Project

Liberty State Park is composed of diverse and overlapping environments defined by New Jersey's Hudson River edge. It is crucial to mark out a defined vessel for the memorial.

CDR Studio's design features an incision in the ground that carves out a space of contemplation. Shielded from wind, daily park uses and the CRRNJ terminal, the memorial creates a space of contemplation and remembrance. The memorial is not an icon in a field; it is a series of increasingly intimate spaces framed by a wall on axis with the World Trade Center site. The Community Cove is a memorial that remembers the past but reaches out to communities of the present. It seeks to redeem and foster an ongoing vision of collective healing that excludes no one. It celebrates the bond that was built by New Jersey communities in the wake of tragedy. This proposal aspires to give voice to both the New Jersey victims as well as the survivors of the 9/11 tragedy. The memorial addresses the memory of those lost while creating spaces for the communal dialogue of the living.